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    What is iD4? 

     iD4gear makes it possible to easily apply a number, letter or design, to almost any surface. Durability, flexibility, crazy vivid non fading colors give you a pro grade look, on your equipment. iD4 can follow the dimples or contours on a surface to look like an original.

    Can I apply iD4 to anything?

    iD4 will apply to cleats, helmets, ball, bats, catching mitts, tennis rackets, shoes, almost any surface.  Use on leather, synthetic leather, vinyl. plastics. Other surfaces like glass, metal, plastic and wood also work. Not  for underwater or marine use. Can be removed from metal and many surfaces with hot water. Results will vary per surface. Will mark some surfaces when removed so test in a non visible area if you are not sure. 


    Our goal is maximum flexibility when you are personalizing your gear. All large size alphabets are 1/2" tall. These match Varsity, Varsity Pro, and Euro numbers and also the large flags in the mixed flag sets. The small varsity letters are 5/16" tall, small Euro letters in the 3 sheet kits are 5/16". Cactus Alphabets are a fraction taller at 3/8". You can use any combination to create your masterpiece.

    Questions?  you can always contact us at info@transferstudio.com or 847-829-4238 

    How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping is FREE over $20 in USA. 

    All shipping is done through USPS 
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    How long does delivery take?

    USPS Flat Rate delivery time varies for both domestic and overseas shipments. There is no timeline guarantee of arrival. Our shipments go out next day or even same day in some cases and can take 5-10 days on average domestic. You will receive a tracking # when we ship.